I just picked up a newly published collection of Ann Beattie’s stories in The New Yorker.

William Deresiewicz, author of A Jane Austen Education, reviewed the book for the December 12 issue of The Nation.

His review begins like this:

“Let’s imagine Ann Beattie in the early 1970’s. She was a thin young woman, bucktoothed, with an open, vulnerable face and long straight hair in the period style. She was a little waiflike, maybe, a little mournful, a little recessive…She had a secret life, though, late at night, up alone with her typewriter…”

Can’t wait to read the stories she wrote on that typewriter!

What are you reading?

(Collage by Rodrigo Arteaga.)


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  1. I just finished The secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. His writing is so beautiful that it’s easy to overlook the tragedy of his stories. I’m now reading a Woody Guthrie autobiography for a change of pace.

  2. I have just finished Anaïs Nin’s diary vol. 1, and now I’m reading her erotica collection ‘little birds’. So far, amazing..
    I am really surpriced at how one can tell and describe lust and desire without it being corny or straight-out porn. Her stories are at the same time heartbreaking and sensually allowing everything. Nothing is forbidden or wrong. That is a nice, fresh feeling to read something of that nature by one who is not ashamed of it.

  3. I just finished 2 great books by Linda Olsson, “Veronika and Astrid” and “A Sonata for Miriam”, an author I recently discovered. Not only are the stories wonderful, the writing is breathtaking.

  4. Sadly, only been reading the ipad the past few months. Too much real life happening, work and knowing it’s bittersweet. Inwardly quoting EM Forster (to get myself thru. EF Benson’s, Lucia, too.) but also wondering, “What would Jane Austen say?” Ok, pulling the Mansfield Park off the shelf. Must save myself ! Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. My to-read stack grows every time you write one of these posts! I’m three days away from having time to read what I’d like–so close!

  6. Charles Dickens A Life by Claire Tomalin. It is excellent. So far, Claire has not let me down. I’ve read her previous books on Jane Austen and Samuel Pepys.

  7. just finished ‘leaving van gogh’, a novel based on the last year of van gogh’s life w/dr. gachet. regardless of the outcome, i wish i had that kind of fire. (one of the positives of technology is the ability to put the book down and look up the painting on whatever screen is available.) ongoing reading…mary oliver. an essay on the artists life, “of power & time” in a book called, “blue pastures” is stunning.
    all this to say your blog is lovely, px, writing, references.

  8. Mostly I’ve been reading textbooks because that’s all I’ve had time to read sadly. But, I just made a post about all the books I hope to read(and hopefully receive) this winter.

  9. I just finished Angela Carter’s “The Magic Toyshop” I still don’t know if Iliked it or not, which tells me it is not on my favourite books’s list. Now I am digging for something new to read.

  10. I want to read that now! So much reading inspiration, just from the comments. Just re-reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ as I have to teach it….but compiling a lovely long holiday list!! :)

  11. i am just finishing up love walked in by maria de los santos. it does not look like one i would typically read, but is very well written and feels like it could be a movie. i recommend it!