I love these dreamy photos by London-based photographer Emma Hartvig. She says: “My work is based on my passion for film and cinematography. The storytelling and manipulation of vision you have in your hands as a filmmaker fascinates me.”





I’m trying to decide on a favorite. Maybe the girl with the mirror?


8 Comments on Film and Storytelling

  1. I wish that the second shot through the window was mine. I spent the day playing with my camera and its settings only to be disappointed by the outcomes. …..Tomorrow is another day.
    Warm wishes

  2. My favorite is definitely the girl with the mirror ! It is so hot here lately, the parks are empty because no one wants to be outside in the heat :)
    All except for the crazy woman with the camera ( me ) .. besitos.

  3. Beautiful photos! Dreamy is definitely the word to describe them. Girl with mirror is my favorite too, but the Basement Internet Cafe has a movie quality that I would love to know the rest of the story. Thank you for sharing such talent.