A new year, a new tumblr template!

Tumblr remains my favorite form of social media, other than blogging here.
(Let me know what you think of my new page!)


I hope you had a lovely new years! We spent the weekend in a canyon lodge outside Ojai with my husband’s family. Bliss! Now back to work…


17 Comments on A Tumblr New Years

  1. My opinion is based on using and being on Tumblr a lot. When I go to Tumblr blogs and find circles, I usually don’t have the patience for it because the circles only show part of the detail (esp. fashion & interior shots) and to get the full picture I have to click on the circle specifically the notes part. Then I have to wait for it to load on my computer, I see it then I have to click on the back arrow to get back to your blog. In Tumblr land I find that people have very very short attention spans and what you’ve reblogged/posted on Tumblr is beautiful and so well curated but I’d like to see it in one step. Please don’t report me to the I received mean email website I also follow in addition to you!

  2. I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes I bookmark people’s tumblr archives for quick viewing. That said, I love pretty templates. I think viewing the images as circles on one long page provides an entirely different — and beautiful — viewing experience. The images become part of the whole, like a virtual assemblage.

  3. Yes, I agree – the color palette on your blog is beautiful and gives one a sense of what your blog is all about – the sum being greater than the parts in a way. My blog is arranged for easy viewing, sorting by tags, categories etc… so it has to be much more practical.

  4. It makes sense to have a very practical template for your primary blog. Since my tumblr is my secondary blog, I look for templates that are unconventional. Previously, I was using the accordion theme, which I loved. I choose photos not so much for their individual beauty, but rather for how they look alongside the other images on the home page. It’s a different way of using tumblr, I suppose.

  5. Wow… it’s a beautiful palette of colors and textures. The swatch theme is adorable. LOVE it… just wish Tumblr wasn’t banned at work (have to wait till night time to see it….) but I can visit here any time of the day :)

    Happy ’12!

  6. Hey the tumblr is beautiful! I love tumblr too. I am currently working on a slightly secret tumblr project to go alongside my upcoming exhibition and I’m trying out a few different ideas too. Your tumblr is very inspiring. I’m trying very hard not to just use your theme now that I have seen it. :)