I love ankle boots. I’d wear them all winter with black leggings and tights if I could. Lately I’ve been looking for a new pair. The other night I found these amazing boots (above) by John Varvatos on Park & Bond. They have about 20 styles, all of them wonderful. But here’s the problem: They’re for men.

I’m about to say something I’ve never said before in my life: I wish my feet were bigger!



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  1. Nice ankle boots! These may work for you if your feet are big enough. I wear a women’s size 10 and a men’s size 8–so you may find a men’s size that works! I’m sure there are men’s sizes smaller than 8–some men have small feet!

  2. Oh size does matter!
    instead of socks, perhaps recycle shoulder pads from the 80s- LOL!
    anywayyy…check out=http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/180876
    Isabel Marant has similar style for the ladies, minus the shoe-laces though!
    ~you’re welcome!

  3. I LIVE in ankle boots and leggings this time of year too. If you can fit in any of these boots, buy them! Have a lovely weekend x

  4. I made super happy noises at these boots. Oh I need some ankle boots. I’ll just my size equivalent in mens, and wear doubled socks. >__>

  5. For some reason I find myself liking men’s shoe style than woman. I’m not a fan of heels so I usually wear flat shoes and every so often I wander into the men’s shoe department and look at their awesome comfortable looking shoes wishing they made these for women. =)

  6. You should check out Zeha Berlin boots for women! They’re a beautiful boot, with a masculine feel! Love them!