I’m working on a story about Colin and his lovely wife, Livia. (More on that later!) Here’s one of my Instagram photos of the dashing actor at the Soho House in West Hollywood this morning.


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  1. Aww, I’m excited to read your story (I hope you’ll share a link here if it’s published somewhere else?). He’s such a lovely man, so talented and charming!

  2. Colin firth is totally amazing! He lives in my suburb in London and I ran in to him coming around the corner of my house last year! Can’t wait to read your story:-)

  3. Oh my goodness!! What a dashing gentleman. Absolutely love this man <3 Can't wait to read your story! xx

  4. everyone is so right. i’ve had the lucky chance to meet him and chat briefly on several occasions here in california. he is truly the last of a dying breed…gentleman to the core. and he smells lovely too! will look forward to your article. happy “golden globes awards day”!

  5. I can’t wait to hear more about your article! Of course I was bummed — in the Mr Darcy years — to hear about the gorgeous Italian wife. But after I saw so much of her during last year’s award season, I really grew to love her. On my growing inspiration board in my studio, I have a photo of his & her reaction to the announcement of winning the Oscar. It’s so cute. And P.S. adorable photo :)