Jan 18, 2012

by English Muse

This is the reason why I can’t give up Tumblr:
It’s such a great place to find beautiful photos and amazing GIFs.
(New York City skyline by Bebo, GIF via kr4y.)


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5 Responses to “New York City After Dark”

  1. laura says:

    i adore new york city, i went there in 2010 and it was such an inspiration. As for tumblr I complelty agree and think my pictures folder should be full by now and my computer crash. great source of some of the best examples of photography out there! xxox

  2. I love, love, love New York City and I can not wait to move there in only a few months!

  3. Annie says:

    They are both beautiful photos. I can’t wait to go back to NYC. x

  4. Adie Andrews says:

    I can actually imagine other city in the entire world that is as beautiful as New York after dark. He has his special charm and could not be replaced with anything else for me.
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  5. Gerri says:

    It makes me homesick! Great shots.

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