We put away the holiday decorations and everything seemed so dreary, hence my new post for Lamps Plus: 5 ways to Perk Up a Room.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


5 Comments on On Decor: Ways to Perk Up a Room

  1. So funny. I was sitting in my lounge room today just thinking how drab everything looked. I hated my cushions and rearranged them over and over. I plugged in the lamp to improve the lighting and the bulb blew, and I framed some paintings in anticipation of adding them to the walls, I was bored with all my ornaments/collections and just felt annoyed with it all! I hadn’t quite got to the point of thinking about adding flowers, but I’m sure I would have eventually! I feel much better after reading your
    article because I thought it was just me and my house and now I realize this is a common feeling after Christmas. Thank goodness! Now I will go back to the task tomorrow with much more enthusiasm. xx

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