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Graphic Decor in Black & White

I just discovered this amazing Tumblr page called Xote. It’s curated by a Turkish graphic designer, with penchant for black, white and gray. Have a look: Xote also has an awesome ffffound page! Have a lovely Tuesday. Sorry I’m late in posting this week. Crazy busy here in LA! (This is what I was writing […]

Happy Saturday

It’s warm and sunny today. I can’t wait to get outside and rattle around the city. The only thing on my schedule is to get my hair done! Yay, blonde streaks! What are you doing this weekend? Photo Credits: Anja Louise Verdugo, Rotraud_71, Pink Bow, Reddott, and All the Rage.

Stuck in a creative rut?

The topic of my Lamps Plus design post this week: Five Ways to Stay Inspired! (Photo by Artist/Illustrator Lizzy Stewart.)

Look of the day: Herringbone and Rugby Shirts

I’m going through a phase I guess. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Carrie, style wise. But it seems lately I’ve turned into Charlotte. How has this happened? Anyway, here’s my pick for the cute look of the day: A Herringbone tweed jacket over a Nike rugby shirt over a Polo shirt. […]

Jewels for Wrist and Purse

My obsession of the day: Tony Duquette for Coach! It’s pricey, for sure. But fabulous. See the whole glittery lot HERE. For more details about the legendary Duquette, check out this thick, glossy tome by Wendy Goodman!

Lobster & Swan

Jeska is one of the best photo stylist around and I LOVE her blog Lobster & Swan. It’s always a day brightener when she posts new photos…

Skinny Love Explained

Bon Iver lead singer Justin Vernon says the song ‘Skinny Love’ is about a women he once dated Have you heard this amazing song? It was written by Justin Vernon for his folk band Bon Iver and then re-recorded by Birdy, who made it into an international hit. There’s been lots of speculation on what […]

Suitcase Planters

I love the idea of repurposing old things as planters — cowboy boots, tin cans, milk crates. But this is the first time I’ve seen vintage suitcases used as containers for succulents! It’s at once clever and slight shocking. What do you think about this idea? What are some of the things you’ve used as […]

Happy Saturday

It’s rainy and cold here today, which means my weekend consists of two things: Reading and watching old movies. (By the way, thank you for all the great book recommendations this week! Trying to resist loading them all onto my Kindle!) What are you doing this weekend? Photo Credits: Lecia, Lauren Schmauren, Books by Henry, […]

Life in Soft Focus

I’m trying to branch out a little in my weekly design posts for Lamps Plus. This week I profiled the lovely Liss Winnel at Daydream Lily. She talks about the inspiration for her blog and her dreamy aesthetic. Let me know what you think! Link HERE! xo (Photos courtesy of Liss Winnel.)

Woolrich, European Style

Woolrich is one of the US’s oldest clothing brands, with its iconic red and black plaid shirts and jackets. Recently, the company started a very chic line, via Italy, to give the traditional pieces more of a European look. It warms my Europhile heart. But like all beautiful things from Europe, it comes with Prada-sized […]

What are you reading?

I have to restrain myself from asking this question every week…I love to hear your answers because you guys are so smart and well read. I can’t wait for the weekend when I can spend half the day reading a good book on the couch… Which books do you recommend? (Photo by obo-bobolina.)

New York City After Dark

This is the reason why I can’t give up Tumblr: It’s such a great place to find beautiful photos and amazing GIFs.(New York City skyline by Bebo, GIF via kr4y.)

What are your top three beauty essentials?

At the moment I can’t live without… Ultra Repair Cream is perfect for cold, dry winter weather. It’s great as a face cream or hand cream. You can even use it as a make-up remover. (From Sephora). My friend Elaine got me addicted to Chantecaille’s Rosewater spray, but at $60 a bottle it got a […]

Love This Look: Marled Silver and Electric Blue

I love the simple, beautiful elegance of this outfit by J. Crew. A silvery/cream sweater with an amazing skirt (just frilly enough) with loafers. The skirt comes in other colors: brown, purple and red. I think the red would be gorgeous. Sort of like what the girl is wearing in this photo? What do you […]

Film and Storytelling

I love these dreamy photos by London-based photographer Emma Hartvig. She says: “My work is based on my passion for film and cinematography. The storytelling and manipulation of vision you have in your hands as a filmmaker fascinates me.” I’m trying to decide on a favorite. Maybe the girl with the mirror?

Colin Firth

I’m working on a story about Colin and his lovely wife, Livia. (More on that later!) Here’s one of my Instagram photos of the dashing actor at the Soho House in West Hollywood this morning.

Happy Saturday

Happy weekend. It’s a little chilly and foggy here today. In an hour I have to get ready for a brunch in West Hollywood. Very exciting. Then I’m back home… This week I’m reading Simon Van Booy’s “Love Begins in Winter.” Have you heard of him? His writing is so beautiful. I want to underline […]

On Decor: Ways to Perk Up a Room

We put away the holiday decorations and everything seemed so dreary, hence my new post for Lamps Plus: 5 ways to Perk Up a Room. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Boots for Walking

I love ankle boots. I’d wear them all winter with black leggings and tights if I could. Lately I’ve been looking for a new pair. The other night I found these amazing boots (above) by John Varvatos on Park & Bond. They have about 20 styles, all of them wonderful. But here’s the problem: They’re […]

Paris Friends…

I’m going to be in Paris the last week in February. Will you be there too? Let me know! (Photo by Candice Lesage.)

Matchbook Magazine: Kate & Jack Spade

I was flipping through previous issues of Matchbook Magazine today and I was reminded of how awesome Katie Armour’s story was on Kate and Jack Spade. (In the November issue.) The story stretched over 18 luscious pages, filled with photos of the couple’s New York apartment. SO GREAT! Take a look at some of the […]

Giveaway: A Lovely Kate Spade Bracelet! {CLOSED}

In celebration of the new year I’m giving away this Kate Spade bangle, engraved with four New Year’s resolutions! On the 2012 to-do list: “play your cards right,” “lose yourself in a good book,” “add a twist,” and “make sparks fly.” Choose which resolution best applies to you and leave a comment. Winner will be […]

Cabbages & Roses

This very British dressmaker, Cabbages & Roses, sells the cutest clothes ever! I love the patchwork of fabrics — tweed, flannel, chintz, grosgrain. (I’m still stuck on “preppy with a twist.”)…Have a look: LOVE! In addition to clothes, they sell fabric by the meter. I’m adding Cabbages & Roses to my “must visit” list for […]

Winter Weekend

We don’t really have winter in Los Angeles, and this week it felt more like summer. I’m living vicariously at the moment through the beautiful winter photos by blogger Nikoline, who lives in Tromsø, in Northern Norway. She wrote on Twitter this week: “Clear skies, northern lights and fireworks echoing off the mountains. happy new […]

Steal This Look: Glitter and Tweed

At the moment, I’m really into preppy classics — with a twist! I love this look, with the men’s tweed coat and the stack of bracelets. The silver vintage clutch completes the look. What do you think? Credits: Full Frontal Fashion, Tweed Coat on Etsy, Vintage Silver Clutch Purse, Kate Spade, Reason to Breathe.

Books for 2012

One of my resolutions is to read more biographies in the new year. I’m just finishing “The Unruly Life of Woody Allen,” by Marion Meade, which I’ve loved. Next I want to read stylist/costume designer Vicky Tiel’s biography, “It’s All About the Dress.” After that, I don’t know… Do you have any recommendations on good […]

A Tumblr New Years

A new year, a new tumblr template! Tumblr remains my favorite form of social media, other than blogging here. (Let me know what you think of my new page!) * I hope you had a lovely new years! We spent the weekend in a canyon lodge outside Ojai with my husband’s family. Bliss! Now back […]

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