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Love Letter.

[/caption] Hi there! It’s Denise from Hello,Moxie! In honor of Leap Day, I thought I’d share something about love. When I was a kid, the teachers told us that February 29th was the day that girls could ask out the boys. I have no idea what that’s all about! But it’s one of the funny […]

A Love Story

Hi, guys! I’m Molly, writer of Musings from Los Angeles,  and have been a longtime reader of English Muse. I love talking books and great style, so naturally this blog has been a go-to of mine. I’m honored to make an appearance here blogging about an important part of this site — books, of course! […]

Things Not to Worry About…

I came across a letter which F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his daughter, Scottie, when she was 11. He gives simple and yet important advises on life to Scottie towards the end of the letter! After reading it, I thought that I definitely should share it with you, dear English Muse readers! Reading it gave me […]

Paris Stays With You

Hello fellow English Muse readers! I’m Jen Zahigian of That Wondrous Time and Roadside Photographs.  I am a photographer from sunny California with a love for roadside relics and independent bookstores. Tina is an inspiration, and I’m so happy to be a guest here today. I’d like to share photographs from my first visit to […]

Here it comes

Hello English Muse readers! I’m Karen from A Simple Cup of Tea and I’m happy to share a little guest post of my own with you while Tina is traveling. Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air and I couldn’t be more delighted. Don’t get me wrong, the temperatures in Belgium aren’t […]

It’s A Wonderful Day For Doris Day!

 Doris Day is the epitome of kindness, sincerity, and femininity. I first became a fan at thirteen and forever became transfixed with the wonderful music and movies of this great lady. She teaches us all to be better human beings with her enormous work for the care of animals.  At almost eighteen my love for her has not […]

Women to Get Inspired By…

Life is strange, in a beautiful and mystical way. Reading this blog on a regular basis was a true motivation for me to start my own blog and now I am writing a post as a guest blogger for my favourite blog ever! I am Gulfem from All Happy Things Around, just thrilled by being […]

The Glory of Love

Hi, English Muse readers! My name is Dominique. I have been an avid reader here for many years and am delighted to be one of the guest bloggers while Tina is in Paris. February is known as the month of love but people forget it can be celebrated everyday. Here are my  small tips on how to […]

Postcard from Salzburg

While in route to Zurich from Vienna on the train we learned that the mountain pass between Austria and Switzerland had been closed because of a train derailment. All trains were being diverted through Germany. Instead of enduring a 15-hour train trip, I decided to get off in Salzburg. I found a single room at […]

The Great Reminder::

Hello friends and readers of English Muse,  Christina from a wild civility here posting while Tina is away in Paris. I am thrilled to be guest blogging, as this is one of my favorite blogs, and I typically pin just about every image. Bits & Pieces about me: I am simply a lover of books, beginning […]

Never judge a book by its cover

Or if you are me “never buy a book by its cover”.  Nothing worse than buying a book for its looks and finding later that the cover was much more interesting than the contents. Saying that, a while back I went Orla Kiely mad.  Mugs, bag, wallet, I even tried in vain to get something […]

Europe in Winter

Hello everyone! I’m at the train station in Vienna after spending a wonderful day with friends. I’m heading to Switzerland on an overnight train, then I’ll be back in Paris. I’ll be checking in periodically. In the meantime, please look for posts from my lovely guest bloggers!! I’ll be back to regular posting soon! xo

Six Days Until Paris!

I’m leaving on Saturday. I can’t wait! I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do from there. It’s a working trip! If you’re interested in guest blogging here while I’m away, please email me! xo (Photo by Dane.)

What are you reading this week?

I was clearing out a couple boxes and found an old copy of “Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man,” by Christopher Hitchens. I’ve been watching a lot of presidential debates recently so it seemed like a fitting book to read in an election year. I love Hitch’s writing anyway…Will be missed. What are you reading? Photo […]

How Do You Dress for Cold Weather?

Like this? Or This? It’s freezing in Europe at the moment and I’m starting to worry about packing for my trip. I’ve lived in Southern California for the past 20 years. I have no idea how to dress for extreme cold. Help! Any advice? (Photos by Garance Dore.)

Sofia Coppola’s NYC Garden Abode

Sofia Coppola and her husband, French rock star Thomas Mars, have found a gorgeous new home with a rare “secret garden” in the middle of Greenwich Village, according to the Wall Street Journal. The couple paid nearly $10 million for the light and bright abode. (Real estate listing photos, above, from I can’t wait […]

Books about the Alps?

I’ve been planning my trip to Paris. As it turns out, one of my friends is going to be in Vienna where her husband is directing an opera. I’m going to take a little side trip to see them. Instead of flying, I’ve decided to take the train, with a route through the Swiss Alps. […]

In the Pink: Valentine’s Day Decor

My Lamps Plus design post this week is about decorating with pink, featuring the beautiful decor photographs of Yvestown’s Yvonne Eijkenduijn! More here!

Dog-Eared Books

What’s the most tattered book you own? For me, it’s “A Moveable Feast.” I take my paperback copy with me every time I go to Paris. It’s become a sort of tradition to read it on the long plane ride. The spine is broken from underlining sentences on that horrible little pull-down tray. The pages […]

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