While in route to Zurich from Vienna on the train we learned that the mountain pass between Austria and Switzerland had been closed because of a train derailment. All trains were being diverted through Germany. Instead of enduring a 15-hour train trip, I decided to get off in Salzburg. I found a single room at the Wolf-Dietrich for 60 euros. The bed had a really wonderful mushy down comforter and pillow. (White of course). The weather was perfect for a stroll (with a light coat) along the Salzach river.

I couldn’t resist buying a box of the Mozart candy!!

They finally reopened the pass through the Austrian alps this morning, and now I’m in Zurich waiting to board the train to Paris! This station is huge and busy, with people carting big bags of skis…I should probably sign off because with my luck, I’ll miss the train…Too many distractions…


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