Taschen Books at WeHo's Book Festival

Hello, dear English Muse readers! It’s me again, Gulfem from All Happy Things Around. Today, I would like to share with you one of my favourite publisher, Taschen, and how their books helped me to learn, discover and be more well-rounded person.

Before college, I was uneasy with self-learning, especially from books. I was uncomfortable with the feeling of starting something from scratch all by myself and hundreds page long books were not a good help to that. For me to learn something, I did need a personal contact. Luckily, I was good at asking questions.

With college, my personal interests has been diversified and self-learning turned into a must.Important movements in history, 60s, photography, interior design…

My 2 New Taschen Books

I always love novels, but pure didactic books? Hold on a second. Then one day, pure luck decided to meet me and I discovered Taschen book series. They have great books on architecture, art, design, fashion,  lifestyle/travel and many more…

The thing about Taschen books is that they discuss the subject in a way that you immediately get inspired and want to know even more. Taschen books work just fine form e when it comes to self-learning…

I started with their 60s book, then “Pop Art”, “Interiors Now” followed… Currently, I am reading their series on famous painters and major movements in painting history one by one… Done with Dali and Cezanne, I am reading Impressionism now. They are both rich in explanation and visuals…

I soon want to buy their Portrait of a city, Paris book, the cover of it being “Bergstorm over Paris”, a cult photo by Helmut Newton!

I know you love reading books and you all have many different personal interests. Those interests need constant breeding and I wanted to share my cure for that matter 😉 Also, they do have fair pricing, I think!

PS: Directly taken from their website…  “In the year 1980, an entrepreneurial-minded eighteen-year-old opened a comic book shop in his native Cologne to sell and trade from his massive collection”  Interesting start, don’t you think?

Enjoy your week!

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6 Comments on An Idea for Self-Learning!

  1. This is funny, because just last week I was thinking about how much I love Taschen books! (As well as Phaidon books)
    They’re the best :)

  2. I love Taschen. One of my favourites is the Marilyn one they did with all of André de Dienes’ pictures and his diary entries that relate to Marilyn. Very interesting.

  3. I love Taschen too. When I was in Copenhagen in Nov I visited a big Taschen store and there were so many books I wanted, including the Paris one!