Bon jour!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, I hope–this week’s been crazy-busy and I am looking forward to the weekend. My plans? Good books, good music, cooking and going to book readings. What are your plans for the weekend?

Two weeks ago I discovered this song and am playing it on a loop ever since. Never heard of Bon Iver before that and I just learned the band, in various lineups, has been around since 2007!

Bonne écoute + Smiles, Marta.


8 Comments on Bon Iver

  1. I saw him at the Grammys. I know nothing about him except that his name is sort of a phonetic play on words for the French “good winter”. Bon

  2. It’s true, his music is sweet, sad and so thoughtful. It’s the kind of music that speaks to us Canadian’s so he’s been a household name here for a long while. I feel so lucky to have purchased tickets to his up coming show in May. There is a song on his new album called Calgary, named for the little city I live in. I’m so happy that you have found him. He’s really very lovely. xxoo

  3. hi Hazel, the band founder Justin Vernon got the idea while watching an episode of Northern Exposure! smiles!

  4. hi Blanche–you’re so right about his music. and I’m 100% jealous about the show you will get to see. hope it’s everything you hope it will be and much more. smiles!

  5. Looove this song! And lots of other Bon Iver songs. He’s great! I plan on having a real quiet weekend, with lots of homemade lattes and great books!

  6. Apparently I am woefully out of the loop as well . Vampire Wha ?? Sigh. So dnonppsiitiag that I haven’t found new music in such a long time. I’m just rediscovering stuff buried in my Ipod that I have haven’t listened to in a million years (a task born of necessity since I am out of gig and need to now pick and choose what I keep at what time). This week it’s Mogwai. I highly suggest. Akin to Portishead without the vocals and ..something else .I can’t decide what right now.Anyway!! From Kerry’s description it sounds like I would LOVE Vampire Weekend (since I love both 60 s pop AND Paul Simon’s Graceland with the passion of a thousand firey burning suns!). I shall have to check it out ..if I ever have time to do anything I want ever again ..yes, that was self-indulgent wallowing, thank you very much!