A guest post from author, journalist and curator of the lovely and the bizarre, Naomi Bulger

At the end of winter, on the last full moon day of the lunar month, Hindus across many parts of the globe celebrate by throwing coloured, scented powder and perfume at one another.

The festival is known by many names. The best known is Holi, but it is also called Dolajāta, Dol Jatra and Basantotsav. In English, we call it the Festival of Colours.

I have read that during Holi, the divisions of caste, wealth, status, gender and age draw back somewhat. Together the rich and the poor, those of high caste and low, fill the streets with joy.

If that thought is not enough to inspire you on a Tuesday evening, sail with me now, under perfume and colour, through this glorious, weightless video. Isn’t it just like a dream?

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16 Comments on Colour bombs!

  1. Let me tell you, I had to watch it again to give myself a little lift before beginning my work day.

  2. I’ve just come back from India a couple of weeks ago and we just missed Holi before we got there! The photos my friend took from her time during Holi looked amazing though!



  3. This looks like a painting! I thought you were posting some art this time that what made me click on this post. I gotta share this :)

  4. Hi Naomi,

    I’m from India and what you’ve said about Holi is quite right… It is something that you should take part in at least once in your life.

  5. Every year my college would put on a Holi festival, and it was so much fun. We would get wet, messy, colorful, and even a dyed shirt out of the bargain, haha…and it really brought people together.

  6. This was absolutely beautiful! :)
    I’d heard of the holiday and seen a couple of pictures, but the slow motion video was incomparable! I too hope to go to India for Holi one day!