Hello, dear reader. I’m Luli from The Enchanting Butterfly and I feel very, very honored to be guest blogging today. Like Tina (and most of her lovely readers), I love books and Paris. So imagine my immense delight when I came across this lovely book, My Little Paris. A book about lovely things to do in Paris? Sign me up! The book is fascinating because it talks about fun and quirky ideas or little well-kept secrets about Paris.  And it even mentions a website (www.futureme.org) where you can send yourself an e-mail in the future.  I might actually do that, just to see if my future self met any of my long-term goals.

Eiffel Tower

Would you send your future self an e-mail, dear reader? If yes, what would you want to say?

My Little Paris
"The Best Kept Parisian Secrets"


{ Image of Eiffel Tower via here.}


8 Comments on Send yourself an email in 10 years

  1. Oh, I have bookmarked FutureMe.org, what a wonderful idea! Like a little personal time capsule.

  2. Love that idea! With how crazy our last year has been I’m interested to see what will happen 1 year from now… I can’t begin to imagine 10. Also, I’ll have to look up that book. The cover is fantastic! xo* ~Hannah B.

  3. I’ve been using futureme for a while. I have set up e-mails for all of my goals to make sure they are on track, and also just to perk up my day a while. I haven’t received any of them yet and at this point I have no idea when they are scheduled for, but I think that’s half the point!