Apr 12, 2012

by English Muse


Hello bookworms! Bona fide Bunhead here.

I’m Jess from ‘Bodies Never Lie’ and I’m thrilled to be a guest with English Muse while Tina is being lazy occupied. I’m a ballet dancer, teacher, choreographer, and arts critic from St. Louis.

The only thing I love as much as body language is the written word, so while I’m here, I’ll be combining my two loves and sharing some junk for your general entertainment. No need to applaud!

My best friend works for Workman Publishing in New York and her company is producing an upcoming book of dance photography by artist Jordan Matter with gorgeous profiles of professional dancers around the US in unexpected locations.  Two of my old friends are featured in the book- Kara and I went to College together and Marc and I danced in a contemporary ballet company in New Jersey together a few years back. I love this book because the dancers are stunning, the photography very cinematic, and the range of photos tap into the variety of the human experience.


What really puts a spring in my step in regards to this book is the name- it doesn’t have one…yet. That’s where all of us (bookworms, bunheads, barflies, beach bunnies) come in. Workman is hosting a contest to vote for the title. Some of them on the list are TERRIBLE!(Dancing feet and a photographer beat!…Who came up with that?) It’s currently masquerading under the title ‘Dancers Among Us’ but the contest is hoping to find something more ‘marketable’.

I can’t imagine allowing the public to dub the moniker on any project I spend that kind of time and energy on. But then I realize that I just introduced myself to you as a bookworm bunhead so maybe I shouldn’t be in charge of titles and names. (Just imagine how creepy a hairy worm would look, even if said fuzz WAS swept up into an elegant chignon)

Which name for the book do you like?

Nice to meet you all, whatever you call yourselves. See you next week!


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5 Responses to “The naming of things”

  1. Naomi Bulger says:

    Oh wow. I don’t have any good ideas to name the book as yet, but put me down for a copy. Those photographs are truly gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Dizzy Lizzie says:

    I will come back with a name, but I want to tell you now that the photographs are stunning and you are so pretty! I wish I could dance. I really do. The fact that I have 2 left feet and 2 left hands is agonizing! Oh well! 🙂

  3. for the title of the book, I would suggest:
    ‘LIFE MOVES’ or
    ‘SHALL WE?’

  4. I am not very good at naming things, but these photographs are gorgeous. My 12 year old cousin is in ballet boarding school and this would be the perfect gift for her. She lives breathes and dreams ballet

  5. Katie says:

    I haven’t got any ideas for names, but I”m crazy impressed with those photos.

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