Apr 23, 2012

by English Muse

Good to be back, I’m Gulfem from All Happy Things Around again! My inspiration for this post came from article series of Harper’s Bazaar, My List: A Fashion Designer in 24 Hours. In those articles, fashion designers share their daily routines with readers in a highly detailed manner. I always am interested in finding out more about amazingly creative people, how they spend a day, how they see the world, what they enjoy most and many more, you know what I mean! This is the reason why I love these article series that much.

I love the word, routine, only if it is not used in broader sense. The first connotation of the word “routine” is what you dislike most about your lives, I know. The negative meaning of this word is extremely strong that one can not see the beauty of its more innocent sub-meanings. In broader sense, routines are what make you slave to your own life, you have to speed up for something, notably for the same thing, at the same time with same people and everything. They interfere with the joy that you take from the life.

However, my intention with this post is not to stick with broader meaning of this word but a beautiful meaning that I like..

Coffee,Gingerbread and Vintage Books!
I believe some innocent routines are the unique definers of one’s personality. They are part of you more than everything. They are citizens of the world you built. You love your coffee with just a small amount milk, no sugar, not that hot? You love reading something with the same order each time? You love taking a nap maybe? You are a slow and attentive shopper or a quick one? How do you like your salad/beef?


Do not be afraid to have routines. Just do not be slave to them, keep a reasonable distance between you and your routines, then you are safe. Talk about your routines and you will see that you will discover much about yourselves!

If I would share some of my daily routines with you…

I am true morning person, I usually wake up without the help of an alarm clock. I immediately start playing some of my favourite songs and accompany them with strange moves of course!

Also, I do love reading books at a coffee shop on my own, I can spend hours this day with noticing anything..

I am a professional daydreamer and I do that each and every day!

My daily make-up routine never changes.. A light touch of mascara, pink blush and lipstick.

So, what is your daily routine dear English Muse readers?

PS: My blog finally has a new look after the renovation, you can check it if you like, you are more than welcome! Enjoy your week!

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12 Responses to “What is your daily routine?”

  1. Mariana says:

    I love routines! I think if you’re in the arts, especially, you have to have one. Practice makes perfect! Otherwise you get a little rusty.
    I too like to read alone in a coffee shop- or at home, I’ll nest in a comfy couch, corner or whatever suits my fancy on that day.
    That’s great that you can wake up without an alarm clock 🙂
    Lovely post!

  2. Karen says:

    I love this post. I really do.
    My favourite routine is putting on water right after I get up and reading my bloglovin’ list while having a cup of tea. For that I’ll gladly wake up a bit earlier.

  3. Gulfem says:

    Thank you! About the alarm clock, I know I am one of the lucky few 🙂 Ah, I am a cat lady as well 😉

  4. Gulfem says:

    Thank you, Karen! Exactly same here, I can get up even earlier to check my Bloglovin and also read daily newspapers. I am a bit addicted to them 🙂

  5. Frances says:

    Hi, I am a new follower and I love this blog. Your guest post was awesome, i’m going to come visit you next. I wanted to ask what brand of lipstick is in your photo?Did the lipstick come with that amazing little cat box? I want that cat box soo much, I may just have to get new lipstick. Thanks. Have a funny and interesting week.

  6. our youth says:

    Routines are so interesting! I loooove them. Great post 🙂

  7. Gulfem says:

    Thank you Frances as you reminded me that I forgot to add an important part of the post, photo credits! I found this photo via Tumblr, however, with a little search, I find these products on ASOS. Enjoy browsing!

  8. Gulfem says:

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Sometimes I drift off to sleep thinking about how much I’m going to enjoy my morning coffee. I start each day by enjoying a mug of strong coffee with lots of half & half, while reading my favorite blogs.


  10. Gulfem says:

    Enjoying coffee and reading my favourite blogs in the morning has been a true joy(and routine) for me as well! Fills you with enough inspiration to get ready for the day!

  11. Jenny says:

    Such an interesting post. I love drinking my coffee too while reading the newspaper. But I hate the word routine. I always feel depressed and questions about meaning of life start popping up…

  12. Karolin says:

    I’m not much of a routine person, with one exception-mornings. First of all, I always snooze. At least once, but much more often three times. When I get out of bed I go straight to the the mirror and put on my make up. With one song on repeat while doing it. Right now that song is Peter Sarstedt -Where do you go to my lovely. When I have put on a face it’s time to put on an outfit. If it’s a day free of meetings it’s simple- a 50-60:s vintage dress. Otherwise it’s almost always something black. Now it’s time to walk the dogs. Then it’s time to feed them and me. My brekfast always consists of vanilla youghurt with müsli (with lots of berries), and jucie. After brushing my theeth I either walk or bike through the city forest in order to get to work. When I’m at the office I open up the first page- google, and when their logo look somewhat differnet I click on it in order to learn more about the background to the logo. This week I have so far learned about the zipper and Gideon Sundbäck. And after I’ve done this my daily routines stops. No day is the same when you working to improve medical research.

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