Hello again friends, this is Naomi Bulger, guest blogging from Melbourne in Australia’s south.

Around Easter when I was walking home from the post office, I just so happened to pop into my local bookstore, Readings, where I just so happened to come across a sweet little book of visual treats, Paris versus New York: a tally of two cities. It was simply too much to resist. I carried the book across the road and around the corner to a cafe, where I ordered coffee and a hot cross bun (toasted with the butter melting inside) and settled in to browse. After all, it’s not often that I get to immerse myself in either one of my two favourite cities these days, let alone both at once.

Wouldn’t you love some of these on your wall at home?

I have lived in New York, and visited Paris many times. It’s hard to know which city I love best.

I love Paris for its style.
I love New York for its energy.
I love Paris for its cheese.
I love New York for its mac ‘n cheese.
I love Paris for the scarves.
I love New York for the hats.
I love Paris for afternoons on the lawn by the lake in Versaille.
I love New York for afternoons on the lake in Central Park.
I love Paris for the pride I feel when my French kicks in.
I love New York because people think my Australian accent is “exotic.”
I love Paris because old ladies give me fashion advice when I’m shopping.
I love New York because strangers stop on the street to offer directions.
I love the two tiny islands in the middle of Paris.
I love that New York is an island that feels connected to everywhere.
I love that I am inspired to write in Paris.
I love that writing = opportunity in New York.
I love that my family’s cultural heritage is in Paris.
I love that my friends in New York feel like family.

How about you? Paris versus New York: what do these cities mean to you?

(All images are from the Paris versus New York blog that inspired the book)


4 Comments on A tally of two cities

  1. This is definitely one of my favourite entries in English Muse. I can feel your fondness towards both cities yet in different specific way. Thank you for sharing this fun note Naomi.