May 17, 2012

by English Muse

Hello my friends! Same ol’ Jess here- the only difference being that I am missing a good inch or two of hair since my last post.

I have quite long hair, very straight, fine, brown (possibly boring) which I am trying to grow out for ‘Locks for Love’. My 91-year-old grandmother is going through chemo and lost her hair so we went wig shopping. I tried to convince her to get a pink one, but apparently she doesn’t like the Katy Perry look. She joked that she wanted a few inches of my  hair, which is what inspired me. You must donate ten inches and my hair is my security blanket of self-esteem, so I need it to be as long as possible before it’s officially snipped. 


 I recently went to the Paul Mitchell Salon here in St. Louis and when the stylist asked me what I wanted, I told her ‘just a little trim on the ends to keep it even and healthy’. Know what she suggested I do?

Dye it ombre. Add extensions. Then she told me that I needed a spray tan.

Now I am quite aware of my paleness and that I don’t have Sophia Vergara’s thick luscious hair. I am not designed that way, and I don’t feel a huge need to change this. There is nothing wrong if people want to do this stuff, if it makes anyone feel better about themselves, I’m not going to judge. I enjoy makeup too much for that. If I were going to completely embrace nature then I would have to tell my Grandma to walk around bald. Not going to happen! I just don’t like the idea that it’s a necessity to alter so much of ourselves to be considered ‘beautiful’. I shower and brush my hair and I think the natural, clean, healthy version of what I was born with is just fine.

I believe in taking care of nature, and presenting it well. To further demonstrate the art of carefully arranged nature, please enjoy these lovely works from Charleston based artist, Lulie Wallace.

What lovely compositions. I also think the fact that I did not yell, ‘Are you calling me ugly?” at the stylist is a tribute to composure, even if, truth be told, it went totally against my nature. There are some things, like a truculent nature, that are ok to change. “A rose with a different complexion would still look this Grumpy”

Until next time- xo from Jess


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2 Responses to “Beautiful Composed Nature”

  1. Katie says:

    Bravo for growing your hair out for locks of love! I’ve done it twice and it’s so rewarding to know that you’re helping someone else.

    And that stylist? Crazy. I think beauty disappears when too much is changed.

  2. Mariana says:

    I donated my hair to locks of love this year! I ended up cutting off all my hair, and I’m actually very happy with it- I don’t think I’ll go back to long hair for a while 😛
    My hairdresser always asks me when I’ll let her dye my hair. I’ve never done it and don’t really want to either… I can’t believe yours told you to do ALL that!
    I really like that last painting 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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