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Last week, an article proved me that assumptions usually are most likely to be wrong. I love Stanley Kubrick’s movies and I always have assumed that I know much about his life and movies. However, stumbling on an article at Huffington Post made me discover that he was a great photographer as well! I didn’t know anything about this side of him! I suddenly felt like I have to share this photographs with you.

Source: via Gülfem on Pinterest

I have never been to New York, therefore I am nowhere to comment on how people and overall subway changed, however, I could still be thrilled by his amazing photographs. Photos are from 40s and Kubrick captured subway passengers as a part of the series called “Life and Love on the New York City Subway” for Look magazine.

Source: via Gülfem on Pinterest


Have a great week dear English Muse readers, it is Gulfem from All Happy Things Around!

(Original article- Huffington post)

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2 Responses to “Life and Love in New York City!”

  1. Luli says:

    These photos are amazing. I’m going to NYC this weekend so I will let you know about the subway :)

  2. Karen says:

    These pictures look great. Very evocative. Thank you for sharing.

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