May 18, 2012

by English Muse

Dear readers, Jenny here again. I actually wanted to talk to you about something else this week but I will have to postpone that until next week because I don’t have the time at all and I would like to write a longer post. Anyhow, I wanted to share Opening Ceremony’s Spring Summer 2012 short movies with you because they are very funny and unique. Other than admiring the beautiful clothes, I loved the way OC decided to mirror the Godard -like style but make fun of it at the same time, using dummies instead of stunt doubles and add an unexpected twist to the usual love storyline. Londoners are very excited to be getting their own OC store- the first one in Europe!!! Here are the videos:

P.S I love it when you comment, please keep on doing that, I am always so happy to hear about your thoughts, I just don’t always have time to answer, but I hope this doesn’t put you off. Lots of love x Jenny


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One Response to “Opening Ceremony fun”

  1. Sweet Freak says:

    What DOESN’T Opening Ceremony do well?!

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