Happy Thursday, friends!  It’s Katie again, here to dream a little bit about the perfect place to read a good book.

Since the day I came home from preschool and asked my mother to teach me how to read, I have been more than a little obsessed with creating just the right place to read.  It must be near a window, ridiculously comfortable, and pretty, with a table nearby for the essential cup of tea or coffee, and a lamp with soft, diffused light for those books that you simply must read into the night.

I’m severely jealous of whoever has these perfect reading nooks.  My current spot is a corner of the sofa–but once our furniture is out of storage, I’ll have my easy chair and footrest back, and begin building the perfect spot for some great books.

Where do you like to read?  What would your perfect reading nook look like?

[first image from Better Homes and Gardens/second image by Mario Sierra for Elle/third and fourth images by Shannon Malone on Houzz]

*update: the second image is actually by Henri Del Olmo, not Mario Sierra.  Del Olmo doesn’t have a website yet, but he’s done photography for several books and a lot of magazines.  Thanks, Diane, for pointing me to the right source!*


6 Comments on The Perfect Place

  1. What an interesting subject! My favourite reading spot would be on a hammock anywhere, but right now, I get most of my reading done while I am stuck in traffic. Not complaining!

  2. I would be afraid of tumbling out the window in the second picture! I have a favorite coffee shop in st. louis with a sqaushy rather ugly green chair that’s situated under a wall of local art, next to a window, and very near the free coffee refils. That’s my sweet spot. Loved this post- thanks!

  3. Hi Katie, beautiful photos!
    Just wanted to let you know that the second photo is not by Mario Sierra.
    It’s by Henri Del Olmo. But he doesn’t have his own website yet so it’s a little hard to find the source of that photo.
    Keep up the good work :)

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