Jun 25, 2012

by English Muse

Hey guys. Welcome to Monday. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty of Love. Why not kick today off with some art inspiration? I have hunted around a bit for some affordable pieces. Art makes such a different in a space. Yet, often we feel like we have to go without because it’s unaffordable.  So here’s a nice round-up of affordable, pretty and unique pieces that wont’t break the bank. But that will definitely spunk up any space.

Prints are usually the more affordable. They come in various styles, themes, looks and colours.

Or you can go for something more modern, like this oil on canvas.

This Mid-century inspired print can be cute in a kitchen or a kiddies room. The colours are vibrant and the design is fresh.

The colour combo of the reindeer print is so beautiful. Sun yellow and midnight blue makes such a striking combo.

And these love horses have a great gypsy, bohemian feel to it.

Or what about something like this classic, meets unique peacock print? This is sure to impress your guests.

Use prints in pairs, clusters, groups, on feature walls in a lounge, as an accent in a bedroom or as a talking point in a dining room. The options are endless.

Find these items here:

Anchor, mug, moments, modern, MCM, reindeer, horses and peacock.

Ciao, Lelanie.


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2 Responses to “Art is amazing.”

  1. I love art, there was a time when I cant afford paintings, I tried to learn cross stitch and voila I have this painting that I really cherish.

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