I used to think cupcakes were overrated.  Then one lazy summer evening, friends talked me into standing in line for a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake.

What can I tell you? Their cupcakes are so delicious that the line to the cupcackery is literally a block long.  See Exhibit A below:

Well, I hate to admit this…but I’m now one of those people who will stand in line for a cupcake.

What about you, dear reader, would you stand in a very long line for something delicious to eat?


{Image via DCist. Cupcake images via Georgetown Cupcake.}


5 Comments on Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

  1. If you live in DC, try Baked & Wired. It’s right down the street from Georgetown Cupcakes, and I think their cupcakes are better. :)

  2. Wowzas. I’d like to eat one now! You know, I’ve never done something like this, but I want to do this so I can try out Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Or.! The lines are crazy, always!

  3. In Barcelona, there si an Italian ice-cream parlor with ice-creams so good their line is also a block long at summer. You have to pick a number … and wait!

  4. I absolutely love cupcakes and I’ve wanted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes since I saw their show. They just look so pretty and yummy!