Jun 11, 2012

by English Muse

Morning friends. It’s Lelanie from of Beauty and Love here, to usher you into Monday morning. How was your weekend? We had a great one. It was pretty cold, so we just huddled inside. But it was restful and nice. Today I would like to share two of my current obsessions passions with you. I don’t know where they have come from, but for some inexplicable reason I am gravitating towards Flamingos and Typewriters of all things. Does that even make sense? I find both stunningly beautiful in their simplicity. There are so many beautiful pics of both doing the rounds that I couldn’t resist sharing these with you.

This wallpaper by John Lewis is sure to brighten up your morning. There will be no getting up on the wrong side of the bed with this cheery print.

As you know winter is upon us here in the Southern hemisphere, and Johannesburg gets pretty cold. I am really jealous of your summer. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to the brightness of the Flamingo’s. Wouldn’t a flamingo scatter or print just spice up any studio or home office? Maybe even an outdoor area?

I adore these prints by Cozamia. The abstract design and muted colour takes the edge of. Making this print suitable to use anywhere in the home.

I found this vintage painting on Etsy. It’s so quirky and bright. Give the frame some TLC and it will look amazing.

This graphic print caught my eye- both for the colour and the design. This would look great in a neutral space that’s painted white or light grey. It could even be paired with a pink to make a bold statement.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a card like this? Cute stationary like these flamingo cards  makes correspondence a joy.

This flamingo inspired palette by Design Seeds, is ideal for a Summer table setting or a party theme. The soft ice-cream colours look simply good enough to eat.

I have to be honest that I have actually always had a penchant for Vintage typewriters. Whereas the flamingo love is a new one. They have so much character and seem to be infused with secrets from times past. I always wonder what has been typed on them? When I see one, I get the urge to sit down and write and murder mystery. How quirky is the wallpaper coming out of this one?

This is a beautifully styled shot. Inspiring to. What would you type at this workstation?

We will soon be moving into our new house. (In about six weeks actually). It would be amazing if I could find a mint green vintage typewriter to pair with a  flamingo print for my studio, like the above two images. From here and here.

What do you think of this combo? Too much or just enough fun?

Have a lovely, bright and happy Monday.

Ciao, Lelanie.


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5 Responses to “Flamingo’s & Typewriters”

  1. What fun. I love typewriters too.

    I love flamingos in nature and they never fail to amuse

    Have a great week


  2. Amazing finds, I so badly want the John Lewis wallpaper.

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. Luli says:

    It’s a perfect compo. Not too much at all. I hope you find your perfect typewriter. 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    So fun! One of my favorite local restaurants is filled with the owner’s collection of flamingo-themed anything–a few plastic birds, printed fabric, and just about anything. It’s not nearly as classy as anything you’ve posted here but still so much fun! It’s impossible to look at a flamingo without smiling, wouldn’t you say?

  5. These definitely have me daydreaming of warmer weather! I love the bright pinks of flamingos. They are so pretty. And you can never go wrong with typewriters and the thought of what may have been typed up on them back in the day!

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