Jul 31, 2012

by English Muse

When I lived in Adelaide, Australia, for a few months last year, JamFactory was one of the first places the locals told me to visit. A beautiful big brick building, it was home to studios and workshops for talented craftspeople, specialising in glass, metal, ceramics and furniture. You can take courses, watch the artists at work, visit exhibitions, and shop for one-off pieces in the adjacent store.

And today I have some super exciting news. JamFactory has just launched a small but oh-so-elegant line of self-branded, handcrafted products for the home. It opened last week and we can all get our sticky little hands (see what I did there? because it’s called JAM Factory?) on the collection via JamFactory’s online shop.

By my reckoning, I have approximately 12 months during which time I can fill my home with a select few of these chic pieces and pretend to all my friends that I am a stylish and design-savvy homemaker, before my baby girl turns into a toddler and smashes them all to bits.

I’ve already picked out six favourites from this line (all rather reasonably priced at under $100 to make up for the imminent smashing), to go on my birthday wish list. My birthday is in October. Hint hint.

What will go on your wish list?

1.    Turf paperweight (Danielle Rickaby) – $98
2.    KINK vinegar bottle (Deb Jones) – $95
3.    Fusion Tumbler (Madeline Prowd) – $77
4.    Aircraft brooch (Christian Hall) – $75
5.    PADDLE Bread Board (Furniture Design Studio) – $95
6.    Husque Bauple bowls (Marc Harrison) – $165 for two


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2 Responses to “6 design pieces for under $100”

  1. Luli says:

    I’ll take them all please. 🙂

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