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6 design pieces for under $100

When I lived in Adelaide, Australia, for a few months last year, JamFactory was one of the first places the locals told me to visit. A beautiful big brick building, it was home to studios and workshops for talented craftspeople, specialising in glass, metal, ceramics and furniture. You can take courses, watch the artists at […]

What are you reading?

For the first time in a very long time, I’m actually not reading anything right now. I am thinking about picking up Jennifer Weiner’s new book, The Next Best Thing. Her books always make me happy. What are you reading? xoxo Luli {Incredibly cute image is from here.}

Explosions of Flowers

Often I post about artwork that is more inspirational than aspirational. Today I am so excited to feature an artist who sells prints of her work on Etsy.  You too, can have these beautiful images hanging on your wall. Yellena James is the artist, currently living in coastal Oregon, but she is originally from Sarajevo. […]

Subway tile love

Morning guys. Welcome to Monday. How was your weekend? We spent the weekend working on our new house. It was hard work, but it is really rewarding and so much fun. I am making plans to redo the bathroom and I am also planning a little tile feature behind the stove. I have completely fallen in love […]

Inside the clothes

Hello English Muse readers! Karen from A Simple Cup of Tea once again. This week I wanted to share this quote from Yves Saint Laurent with you all. The man not only was a visionary about women’s fashions – but also had very clear views about the kind of woman he designed for. Have a […]

Shelves in a closet…

…happy thought indeed! This year’s Jane Austen festival did not disappoint.  I enjoyed my cup (or three) of Mr. Knightley’s Reserve, a perfect Earl Grey from Bingley’s Teas, delightful and delicate tea sandwiches and scones, and the most wonderful lavender rum cake.  During the tea, we were regaled with a reading from the wonderful last […]

If I told you what it’s about, you’d want to kill me.

Jesse Kornbluth, of, here to tell you about a book that’s so thrilling, so full of plot twists, I don’t dare spoil your fun. It’s #3 on the New York Times best seller list for fiction. It’s the #5 best-selling book on Amazon, where it’s got 750 reader reviews — in two months. The […]

Drifts of Color

[/caption] I am so amazed at creative couples who can work and live together and make amazing art (presumably) without bloodshed. Such is the case with Kate Tedman and Eric Siemens. Together they are Kate Eric, a married couple and artistic collaboration, he from Oregon and she from Oxford, England. They began working together in 2000, and […]

I believe in fairy tales & serendipitous encounters…

“I believe in fairy tales and serendipitous encounters…” Do you? Until next week. xo* ~ Hannah B. 

Gold versus Silver

Morning guys. How are you all? It’s lovely to be back here today. We had a great weekend. My husband and I recently bought our first house and yesterday I made the first purchase. A chandelier! But today I want to ask your opinion on something else. Where do you stand in the good old metal debate- […]

Packing for Milan

Hello lovely readers. Jenny here. I am trying to pack for Milan at the moment and am so confused. After 3 months of non-stop rain in London, I have almost forgotten what sun feels like. I can’t wait to wear shorts and a t-shirt but at the same time I do want to look summer […]

‘The greatest actress in the world’ in ‘the best movie of the year’

Jesse Kornbluth, usually of, here to confess a crush — and to invite you to share it. Alec Baldwin says that Trine Dyrholm is “the best actress in the world.” Michael Moore has said “Troubled Water” was the best film he saw in 2009. Never heard of it? Well, The New York Times didn’t […]

What are you watching?

While I’m waiting for my two favorite tv shows (Once and Grimm) to return from their summer hiatus, I’m entertaining myself by watching Downton Abbey (Season 1). If I had known how awesome and addictive this show is, I would have started watching it much, much sooner. 🙂 What are you watching? Luli

Antipodean dispatch: rude food

[/caption] “There you are,” said Bill. “There’s nothing this Puddin’ enjoys more than offering a slice of himself to strangers.” “How very polite of him,” said Bunyip, but the Puddin’ replied loudly- “Politeness be sugared, politeness be hanged, Politeness be jumbled and tumbled and banged. It’s simply a matter of putting on pace, Politeness has […]

Hello, Monday!

I am completely in love with this picture of Jayne Mansfield; if that doesn’t look like a great way to christen a summer afternoon, I don’t know what is! Just a friendly reminder to persevere this week, drink champagne and, when necessary, work those feminine wiles! {wink} P.S. I got some great reading recommendations last […]

Modern Eclectic- get the look.

Morning guys. It’s Lelanie from of Beauty and Love, here to welcome you into the new week. I am currently working with an awesome couple. The aim is to help them merge their different design styles and to create a homely space for their family. She loves bright eclectic and he is mad about high-contrast modern. So, […]

Off to Italy

After two weeks of running errands in Berlin, I am off to Italy for two weeks. This is a gift to myself for taking a year off from life and finishing writing my Ph.D. It is not a two-week vacation, mind you, but a two-week conference devoted to literature and theatre. What is in store […]

Brandi Carlile: ‘Do I make myself a blessing to everyone I meet?’

Jesse Kornbluth, of, this week wrestling with a moral conundrum as a brilliant song puts me on the spot. It’s embarrassing. No, really, it’s humiliating to admit this, but somebody wronged me in 1989 and I still haven’t dealt with it. I’ve tiptoed right up to the door of a conversation I need to […]

To Catch A Thief

Grace Kelly’s grandson, Andrea Casiraghi, is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, the lovely Tatiana Santo Domingo.  The wedding news made me think of Grace Kelly and how happy she’d be for the young couple. My favorite Grace Kelly film is To Catch A Thief (1955).   Have you seen it? It is a charming Hitchcock film, complete […]

Worlds within worlds

Hi there, Naomi Bulger here, happy to be back on English Muse after a short break, during which I had a baby girl called Madeleine, we found out she was sick, but we determined to stay positive no matter what. It’s been a busy time! Meanwhile, the weather in Melbourne, Australia, looks like living up […]

Golden Leaves

When I saw these paintings by Brad Kunkle my jaw dropped. They are so beautiful and seem nearly too perfect. He used a mix of oil paints and gold leaf. The bits of real, metallic gold shimmer within the images. In an interview he says this about the gold leaf in his paintings: “As one […]

What Are You Reading?

On our first trip to New York, back in March, Husband and I went to see The Steins Collect at the MET. It was magical. The collection was a joint effort between Gertrude Stein and her brothers (as well as their wives) and was an amazing overview of some of the best artists from the […]

Imogen Heath fabric design

Morning friends. Happy Monday en welcome to a new week! Today I feel like doing a bit off home shopping. Are you keen? I love Imogen Heath‘s range of scatters and fabric. So, why don’t we head on over to her site for some retail therapy? Imogen Heath is a talented Surface Pattern and Textile […]

Summer longing

Hello English Muse readers! Karen from A Simple Cup of Tea once again. Summer’s hiding a bit in Belgium and I’m yearning for some sun. And most of all I’m longing to spread a blanket on a bit of grass and have a good meal with friends. Oh summer. You delight me with promises of […]

My Second Pearl Jam Concert

Yesterday I went to see my favorite band play live. I’ve been a fan since 1996 and ever since I heard “Better man.” It was love at first sound! First time I went to see them, in 2006, I promised myself to become their official fan and to purchase a membership , so that I […]

Writerly Travels: Victor Hugo’s Paris Home

Last week, when I asked which writerly places you, dear readers, would  like to see, Yali suggested the home of Victor Hugo in Paris.  Les Misérables was my favorite novel for years and is still among my most-loved books, so my interest was definitely caught by her recommendation. The Maison Victor Hugo was the home of […]

Your Moment Of Calm

Hello, sweet English Muse readers.  On my little blog, I have a series titled Your Moment of Calm to remind myself to slow down.  I’m always on the go, always saying yes, always over-committing myself.  So, I am finally learning the art to sit still and enjoy the moment.  Are you like that too or have you mastered the […]

England. Summer. 1911. Parties galore. Wish you’d been there?

Jesse Kornbluth here, of, this week thinking about the heat. And the rich. And a summer when those two things came together. For some, a glorious summer…. In our secret hearts, many of us imagine that we belong elsewhere — say, in England, at a great country estate, in good weather, where we enjoy […]

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