Terror in the Pink

I am so amazed at creative couples who can work and live together and make amazing art (presumably) without bloodshed. Such is the case with Kate Tedman and Eric Siemens. Together they are Kate Eric, a married couple and artistic collaboration, he from Oregon and she from Oxford, England. They began working together in 2000, and although their earlier work is interesting, the most recent paintings are simply amazing.

No No Uncle 4

They are able to achieve an amazing saturation of color. Against a stormy background the colors just sing.

Melon of the 20 Thieves
Bug War Over Two Blue Mountain
Bug War Over Two Blue Mountain - detail

Many of these paintings are huge, “Bug War” is 90 x 180 inches. That is 15 feet long! I imagine they must be nearly overwhelming in person.

Feeder in Bloom
Frayvs Frizzle
Looming the Hive

This might be serious art, but there is a sense of play about it too. It is a fabulous mix of abstraction and surreality.


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images from Kate Eric’s website and the Leila Heller Gallery’s website


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