Hello lovely readers. Jenny here. I am trying to pack for Milan at the moment and am so confused. After 3 months of non-stop rain in London, I have almost forgotten what sun feels like. I can’t wait to wear shorts and a t-shirt but at the same time I do want to look summer chic, if you know what I mean. So here are my dilemmas:

1. High and pretty or comfortable but less pretty sandals?

2. One day or Kafka on the Shore?

3. Maxi dress or jumpsuit?

4. Proper camera or Blackberry camera?

Oh, dilemmas, dilemmas. I might just put whatever comes first to my mind in my suitcase and just ignore it. Did I mention I hate packing?

I love Kate Spade's packing guides. This one is for Los Angeles.



4 Comments on Packing for Milan

  1. Ballerina flats are always chic and go with everything. Plus you can buy cute things in Italy.
    But whatever you wear, you can’t really compete with Milanese girls; they look incredible!