Recently I came across the Autumn/Winter 2012 look book for Fleur and Dot, and it made me thankful all over again that I have a little girl to dress in pretty things. I’ll take one of everything, please. Also, this photo shoot is killing me. So beautiful! And the little girl. Swoon!

I never was all that interested in dolls growing up*, but it sure is fun to dress up your very own little girl, when there is children’s fashion like this around.

*OK in the spirit of full disclosure, I did have three dolls when I was quite little. One was called Doreen, and she had belonged to my mother as a child. Doreen was a very large doll, dressed in a silk wedding dress that I liked to try to squeeze into myself, and she had silky hair (until I tried to wash it one day and ruined it forever). Then there was a little baby doll who yawned and had a pull-tab to say things like “Mama,” and the manufacturers named her Drowsy but I renamed her Janet, which was apparently my preferred nom du jour. And finally there was the cuddly doll I named after all my favourite people: Betsy-Ann Amanda Aunty Rose. And I insisted that she be called by her full name, all the time.

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