Aug 24, 2012

by English Muse

I have only recently become aware of the vast beauty of paper cutting. There are so many artist working in paper, not on paper, but with it.

Maud Vantours is a French artist living and working in Paris. In her artist statement she describes her work as “original graphics of multicolored and dreamlike landscapes.”

I love the way she can make a simple rose so complex.

She creates these colorful, deep paper cuts both as fine art and as commission pieces for a very impressive client list. This is a piece she did for the Prada Parisian showroom.

Part of what I love about her work is the texture. Painting and printing have their own low profile texture, but these paper cuts are combining flat surface art with sculptural depth.

Vantours is working with a supplier to create some consumer products as well, cell phone cases, bags and the like. It is awesome when artists can cross over and make their work available in more affordable forms.

Happy Friday!

Sarah from Design Flourishes

all images from Maud Vantours website


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One Response to “Patterns in Volume”

  1. I love this art form. I have no doubt it is also very time consuming. I image one needs a mathematical mind combined with a strong knowledge of colour.
    Thanks for sharing

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