Aug 20, 2012

by English Muse

Morning friends. How was your weekend? Welcome to a new week! I hope you are rested and ready for the day. What did you get up to? We make a major dent in our renovation mission this weekend. We got so much done. I am really happy with our progress. It’s not nearly finished  but at least it is liveable and even quite pretty now. Now that we have done the major backbreaking work, I can actually get to the fun bit- thinking about décor and start to experiment with different ideas.

So, obviously I have to do lots of online research on my favourite sites and blogs to find the best possible ideas. I came accross to beautiful vignettes on The Glitter Guide last week.

I love the art display and quirky combo of objects in these two nooks. My walls are also a similar grey colour (maybe a tad darker), so it’s definitely something I could try. I love the idea of telling stories within a home. Creating an intimate and interesting corner is a great way of doing this.

By taking things you already own and  thinking slightly out-the-box you can create a awesome little nook. The trick is to use different items that still interlink with each other. They can marry through style, colour or texture. It’s up to you how you want to tell your story. Look how this vignette leads your eye downwards from the lamp, via the blue writing. This ties in with the smaller abstract blue ad gold painting that in turn guides you to the umbrella picture. The colours are picked up by the books and spiky urchin objet. The console table’s colour is repeated in the lamp base and this creates a good base on which to buidl the colour levels.

I love the colour of the walls and the simplicity of this living room corner. The picture wall is what really caught my eye. I love the unique comination of pictures and frames. It is sure to be a talking point in any room.

What do you like about these nooks? Do you have any interesting corners in your home?

Have a lovely Monday.

Ciao, Lelanie.

PS- If you would like to see more on our renovation, pop on over to the blog; of Beauty and Love

Sources: Glitter Guide, last image


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2 Responses to “Renovation inspiration.”

  1. Katie says:

    I love the 3rd picture! I can already imagine someone reading in that corner on a cold afternoon:)

  2. Teresa says:

    I love the 3rd picture. There’s something in the way the light fills the space through the window and the comfort all pieces suggest. I also like the perfect mix of conservative and innovative pieces… I’m investing in decorating/redecorating nooks around the house. I’m giving that idea a try – got to go and select the prints and frames. Have a Wonderful Week!

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