Aug 28, 2012

by English Muse

Last week I was browsing through the history section of my library, not really looking for any books in particular, when I came across Victorian England Aspects of English and Imperial History 1837-1901 by L.C.B. Seaman.  So of course I checked it out and ran home with it.  It turns out that Chapter 3, Disease and Drudgery, is the most interesting.

Seances became popular during the Victorian era.

Why are we so fascinated with the Victorian era? It wasn’t the best time to be a child or a woman. Yet, I can’t seem to read enough about it, whether it’s about medicine, fashion, marriage, trains or manners.

Victorian hair styles from an issue of Harper's Bazar.

Which era fascinates you and why?


Fashion inspired by the Victorian era. Via Polyvore.

{Victorian image of seance via here. Hair styles via Pinterest. Bottom image via Polyvore.}


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