Sep 10, 2012

by English Muse

Morning guys. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty and Love, inspiring you to grab Monday by the horns and have a fabulously creative day. I have a slight case of the Neons, at the moment. I have seen the trend gradually creeping into the wedding and décor worlds. I was very unsure at first, but I have come to enjoy the fresh and fun element that it can bring to a space. There are many ways to bring a touch of neon to a space. How about using a sing?

I love the idea of a bright neon sign in a classical space like this lovely living room. The white neon goes beautifully with the neutral palette of the room.

What would you say if you knew it was going up in neon? This ‘get some’ sign above the bar cart is a cute and inviting way to get your guest over to the drinks area.

What do you think of neon in a bedroom? The floral bedroom features a major contrast between the soft, floral look and the industrial edge of the neon. It’s a risky move, but somehow it works. I prefer the pink ‘dream; sing in this kiddy room. It really suits the playful air of the space and makes a handy nigh light.

What do you think of these neon signs? Would you ever use it in your home? Maybe somewhere fun, like an outdoor area. Or for a themed party perhaps?

For more ideas and tips on how to decorate with neon, have a look at this Trend alert article.

Hope your Monday is a bright and happy one,


Neonsign1, neonsign2, neonsign3, neonsign4, neonsign5


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2 Responses to “Neon bright.”

  1. Maria says:

    I love neon lights! They make rooms so much more interesting.

  2. MrJeffery says:

    Love the neon lights!

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