Sep 20, 2012

by English Muse

Once this weekend has come and gone, I am sure my husband, brother-in-law, dad, and whoever else helps us move into our new apartment will beg to differ.  I don’t mean to accumulate books.  It just happens: one here, one there, and suddenly I have no room left on my shelves or the floor next to them.  I even did the unthinkable and sold some of my books, mostly texts from college that I never liked, which left me feeling rather crummy until I spent a little of the money on two new books that I actually wanted.  Then my husband took me to the used bookstore and said I could pick out any books I wanted for my birthday present and four more books needed a home on my bookshelves.  Oops?

So, in spite of getting some books out of the house, I have a lot of books to move: three smallish but not tiny boxes full, with a dozen or two more awaiting the suitcase and backpack set aside for their travels to our little one-bedroom with a patio.  So I’m going to enlist a little help and start giving some away later today.  If you plan to enter, you must promise to be very nice to them, read them, and love them.  They’re mostly be classics I’ve accumulated with the intent to read (remember this post?) but can find at my library anytime I actually do need them.  Pop over to my blog, Unwritten, Untitled, after 3:30 EST to see what I’m offering and find the more official rules there.

In the meantime, let’s chat: do you have a book accumulation problem, too?

Until next Thursday,


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8 Responses to “No Such Thing”

  1. Tonia says:

    Very much so – came back from holiday with 4 more than I’d originally taken!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I always donate books when I move and I still end up with 7 medium-sized boxes full! I can’t help it. I love books, and not just reading them, but being surrounded by them. I do try to donate books that I’m not in love with though.

  3. laurie b says:

    i love books, too, and have way too many! i take them to the used book store to sell back but usually end up bring home more new books than i took in! i’m in the process of “reversing the flow” of books into my home but am not confident i can go against the tide like that. we’ll see…

  4. No problem with having too many books. I just build more bookcases. I’ve added single shelves running around the top of a room, shelves over window frames, and low shelves running around the perimeter of a room; all tastefully done of course! I have a fiction collection of close to 1000 books. And probably that many non-fiction.

  5. Kelly says:

    The artwork is by Edward Gorey, who also had a book fetish. His floor started to sag so he started putting books in his HUGE barn. If you ever get to Cape Cod, his home is a MUST see.
    My husband and I also are book lovers. Weekly we trek to our favorite used and indie bookstores in L.A. In our tiny apartment we have fourteen bookcases that line our walls. We have piles next to the bed and piles in front of the bookcases. Neither of us own an e-reader. We love
    physical books.

  6. Gisela says:

    Oh I definitely do have book addcition problem…I even have more books then shoes and clothes…this reminds me of the following Vivienne Westwood quote: “The young need discipline and a full bookcase.”


  7. Karen says:

    Story of my life. Then again, I love having overflowing bookshelves so that’s okay I guess (until I move to Cardiff in January… oops).

  8. kathy says:

    I rarely buy books anymore. It’s not that I stopped reading (actually read more and more), it’s just that I usually end up buying a book or two for my public library every couple weeks due to all the fines I pay. I won’t even bother counting how many books currently occupy the stairs, the countertop, the back seat of the van(for those times stuck in traffic….or stuck in parking lot waiting for passenger (husband) to return – don’t ya know) or piled on floor by the bed. It’s gotten so bad that I had my husband join the library just so that I can abuse his reserve list on-line for all the books I have to have. It’s a good thing that the library doesn’t have a maximum books that you can take-out. And they always order anything I suggest, which is really great. So everytime I go to the library to return a pile, usually twice a week, there is even more waiting to pick-up. I never know what I will get, cause I order everything that i come across on tv or magazines or blogs, the library either has it currently, or it’s being ordered already or I request it. I only buy cookbooks that have at least 4 recipes that I will someday endeaver to make. And most times not even then. But my current buy list is books about food, not necessarily cookbooks.

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