I am so excited about this installation idea. Tasha Lewis made 400 butterflies with small, powerful magnets mounted on the underside. All summer she has been placing them on metal surfaces all over Indianapolis and photographing the resulting flock.

She used an antiquated photographic process called cyanotype, to create the vivid Prussian Blue of the paper butterflies.The magnets she uses are small enough that she can place her butterflies all over a sculpture and not damage it at all.

This is ephemeral street art. As much as I like her work juxtaposed with older, larger sculptures, my favorite photos are in random public spaces.

This one is in a grocery store.

I love the idea of running into a flock of butterflies in the market – or on a staircase railing.

Beautiful and so much fun too!

All images from Tasha Lewis’s blog Guerilla Sculpture she has lots more photos over there – go take a look.

have a lovely, fluttery Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes


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