I recently came across these glorious cut paper illustrations by Jayme McGowan on her Etsy shop Roadside Projects. Can’t you just imagine how amazing they would look on the wall of a child’s bedroom (or for that matter, on a grown-up’s wall)? And I love that there are some familiar, much-loved storybook faces in the illustrations, too.

In a recent interview on the Etsy blog, Jayme said “Layer upon layer, I build characters and sets for a miniature scene. I stage the pieces in my paper theater (like a diorama that is open on all sides) using thread or wire as necessary to hold the paper elements in place. Then I photograph the dimensional paper artwork, playing with camera settings, lenses and light. In the final stage of my illustration process, I bring the image into Photoshop for minor adjustments.”

What a beautiful combination of old fashioned craft and contemporary technology, don’t you think?

Yours truly,
Naomi (messages in bottles)


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