Oct 04, 2012

by English Muse

You might have seen this darling comic around Pinterest lately or in the New York Times Book review back in April.  When I happened across it for the second time this week, I knew exactly what to write about today: the book of the future.

I have very nearly bought a Kindle or Nook at least four times in the past year.  Every time my husband and I go visit his parents, I take at least two books in my bag, in addition to my school books.  That seems normal, right?  It only gets ridiculous when I tote two books over to my parents house, which is five minutes away and also full of books from when I was a kid.  Yet when I think I’ll just take one book, I cannot make up my mind.  What will I feel like reading while my husband and dad watch whatever sport is in season?  Do I want something that requires a lot of thought, or something easy and fun?  Do I want to laugh or cry?  Do I want a book I can finish in a day or to start a longer read?  Do I need to take my textbooks and do my homework?  My bag is so heavy!

When that line of thought runs through my head, I think I should buy an e-reader of some sort, if only to save my shoulders and back.

But then I pick up a book and fan the pages and feel the texture of the paper and the cover and smell that bookish scent.

I cannot make the leap quite yet.

Have you?


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p.s. Sorry for disappearing (or not appearing, actually) last week.  We didn’t get an internet connection in our new apartment until Sunday night.


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12 Responses to “The Book of the Future”

  1. Dorothy says:

    Hi there, yes I have two Kindles and I love them. One big one and a small pocket sized one. I am a librarian and you know I love books, but e-readers are handy when traveling and for instant gratification. I don’t have to wait for the book to arrive in the mail or drive 100 miles to the nearest bookstore! Plus, I no longer fill up my house with too many books. 🙂 But, I will always love to hold a new book and smell that newbook smell! I think they will always be around.

  2. I can see the benefit of kindles for people who travel etc but as the bulk of my books are picture books a kindle wouldn’t work for me. Also I love books as objects too much to jump to a kindle! As an author/illustrator I see my work as an object in a sense.

    Thanks for sharing the comic I hadn’t seen it before!

  3. Every time I see somebody on the Tube reading from a Kindle it looks more like work than reading for leisure. The same ‘book’ as an actual book looks (and feels) more relaxed, intimate, leisurely. I haven’t made the leap yet and can’t see myself doing it for a long time. I simply like real books too much. Besides, a bit like Victoria Stitch, a lot of the books I own are about design and interiors and would therefore not work on a kindle (I still buy actual magazines too). xo

  4. laurie b says:

    no, i just can’t do it. i love to read and work as a reading interventionist. i love the feel, the weight of a book in my hands. i like to underline my favorite passages, pencil boxes around unknown or delightful words, write my own thoughts in the margins. i am smitten with real books and can’t imagine giving them up for a screen.

  5. Mandy says:

    I’ll never understand this argument. People know it’s not one or the other, right? When you buy a Kindle, it doesn’t come with a contract saying you can never pick up a book made out of paper.

    I love books like a crazy person. I currently have 12 taken out from the library. I prowl used book stores. I love the smell, weight and feel of books. Heck, I’m even in library school! But I also have a Kindle. It makes travelling SOOOOO much easier. It also is fantastic to receive a text heavy magazine like the New Yorker on a Kindle. They don’t sit around your house making you feel guilty if you haven’t gotten to them yet!

    So don’t think of it as an either/or issue. This is just another way to read, and isn’t that really what it’s about?

  6. Like you, I couldn’t make up my mind to it. Then my husband bought me one for my birthday. It has not replaced physical books which I still buy and read like a mad-woman. However, it is a total blessing for travel. We went away for a long weekend, and I had 50 books to choose from in my Kindle. So many classics are available for free. Reference materials that I could not afford in print are more affordable. I feel like I now have the best of both worlds!

  7. Luli says:

    I love my Nook. It’s the best purchase ever. I’m sure the Kindle is just as wonderful. I love that I can buy history books for a lot cheaper. I love that the classics are free. I love that older romance novels are free. Also, I haven’t figured out how yet, but I can use my Nook to check out books from my public library. I love that I can get on an international flight and have a ton of books at my disposal. I can also listen to my music on my Nook and play games during my Metro commute. I also love the library. I borrowed two books today so that brings my total library books at home to five. I think with ereaders, it’s not one or the other. It’s usually both. If you see someone reading their ereader it means that they love books, a lot! I am fond of the books I own, but with a few exceptions I don’t feel the need to clutter my tiny apartment with more books. That’s why we have the library and my Nook. Also, I don’t know about the Kindle, but with the Nook I can lend my ebooks to my friends who own Nooks and vice versa. But there are some books that I prefer to buy hard copy. Like my art books or books on decor, and YA books with illustrations. So like I said, it’s never one or the other. 🙂 😉

  8. Luli says:

    Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. I also have Kindle for PC (it’s free) so this way I can also download free books from Amazon, like recently I bought for free an older Emily Post etiquette book, which I really wanted. Now I have the best of both worlds. I have my Nook, Kindle for PC, my library and my favorite used book store near me.

  9. Kolbie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Currently, I’m reading three books. Two of them are actually books, and one of them is on my kindle. Buying books is kind of an obsession of mine, and I still buy my fair share. But there is nothing that says you’re not allowed to read books once you have a kindle, and I’m not betraying my beloved books by doing so! Haha.

  10. I love physical books but about 5 years ago or so I became sensitive to the ink, glue, etc. I get migraines if I try to read a printed book, and colored print is even worse.

    I tried putting the books behind plexiglass or in bags but it was a huge pain and it still affected me. The back-lit screens from computers hurt my eyes and give me a headache so PDFs weren’t a good option. I basically stopped reading.

    When I got my first kindle I downloaded a whole bunch of free classics and I can’t even begin to describe the satisfaction of being able to read a story again. It was a feeling akin to when I first learned to read. I’m so grateful. I use it every day.

  11. Lisa says:

    I think I will get an ereader at some point but I will never, ever give up real books.

  12. Vicki Archer says:

    I resisted for a long time but now I wouldn’t live without my Kindle. I travel all the time and the weight I used to carry was exhausting… By the time I have the computer, my camera gear, my book(s) and magazines… I was feeling like the hunchback from Notre Dame…
    Try one… It doesn’t stop you buying the books you want to keep.. it just makes travelling so much easier… E books are an addition not an alternative… xv

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