Oct 30, 2012

by English Muse

I asked some local mothers last week if the kids in our community celebrated Halloween and was over the moon when they said yes. This is not all that common in Australia. “We need to decorate the house!” I told Mr B, clasping my hands together with glee. “And stock up on chocolates and lollies!”

And then I thought about it some more. And figured most kids would all be out and about around six o’clock at night, which was RIGHT when I would be feeding my baby Madeleine, so I couldn’t come to the door if they knocked. Feeding Madeleine and then coaxing her to sleep normally takes me until just after seven o’clock. And after that, any ringing of the door bell FREAKS me out (and not in a fun, spooky, Halloween-esque way) because it might wake her up and then we’re all in for a rough night.

So I think I will hold off on the “I’m inviting you to knock” decorations until next year and, instead, get my freak on in the online world instead. Here are some of my favourite Halloween-related links:


Happy Halloween, friends!

Yours truly,
Naomi Bulger (messages in bottles)

(ps. cute vintage Halloween photo from here)


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