Lately, I have been thinking a lot about ritual. Recently, I noticed that there is a group who works in my building that take a break each day between 3 & 5 to have tea and converse. It seems like such a nice way to break up the workday.

Do you take time for tea? How do you take it. What kind do you drink?

I’ve got Harney & Sons Egyptian Chamomile at my desk today with a little bear full of honey at the ready.

Until next Monday…
xo* ~Hannah B.
from Secrets of a Belle 


4 Comments on Time for Tea

  1. I like your choice of tea

    We recently returned from Ireland and have taken home with us a large box of Barry’s REd Label. It is an excellent tea

    The ceremony of tea is a beautiful ritual

  2. I am not a tea-person but I enjoy tea time mainly because I enjoy the exchange of stories from my colleagues during that short break time.