Oct 01, 2012

by English Muse

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird
I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” 
-George Eliot

Fall is my very favorite time of the year… what about you?
I love the colors, the sounds, the smells, everything.
I hope you are taking the time to soak in every second!

xo~ Hannah B. 



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6 Responses to “What’s your favorite time of year?”

  1. Lindsey says:

    I absolutely LOVE fall! From my birthday in late October to Halloween and cooler weather, it’s my favorite. But this is my second Fall in Phoenix, Arizona and it is still above 100! The season may come a little later for me.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Fall is the best, by far!!

  3. Junaluska says:

    There are things I love about each season… but in the end I think autumn may be my favourite. There is nothing like the crispy air and the first red leaves. Plus there are candy corns and McIntosh apples abound.

  4. Jo says:

    i love autumn! it is absolutely my favorite time of the year. and i’m still waiting for it…it’s still hitting the 90s here in l.a.
    maybe there’s a rain dance type thing that will make the leaves change colors? 🙂

  5. designchic says:

    I love Fall with the crisp, cool air and beautiful leaves, but must admit that Spring is my favorite – love the blooming of flowers and and gorgeous weather.

  6. I absolutely love the fall!

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