It’s tempting to fast-forward through this month.  For me, as a student, it’s full of projects, to-do lists, and a search for the box in which I stored my mittens and hats.  The weather is crisp, the leaves have mostly fallen, and life moves startlingly fast.

This time last year, I began a daily gratitude journal, but it disappeared somewhere in my list of priorities within a few weeks.  This November, I am going to try again.  Instead of fast-forwarding through the month, I want to pause a few minutes each day and remember what makes it lovely.

Today, it’s the steaming mug of coffee on my desk, the autumn light through my window, and the book I’m about to pick up.

What joys are you thankful for today?


until next Thursday,


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p.s. Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo?  I am thinking about it…

[image by Jessica Kesterson]


6 Comments on November

  1. Great sentiment in this post. A documentary I watched last night had me saying silent words of thanks for wonderful family, an ordinary life and relatively good health.
    Warm regards.