Hi there, it’s Naomi Bulger from Messages in Bottles. Today I wanted to share with you some happy mail that I’ve been sending out to readers of my blog. I love to draw little pictures on the envelopes, and I try to make them as special as possible with string and wax seals and different things. I like to imagine what it must be like to receive something like this in the mail, instead of just the usual bills (if your mailbox is anything like mine).

I have a couple of pen pals and receiving mail from them makes my day (week, month). And in sending out these packages, I’ve learned just how many more of us out there long for the old days of snail mail. There is something so special and tangible about actually getting a real letter in the mail. Taking your time with it. Sitting down with a cup of tea and reading it slowly.

Plus, every time I send out more packages with pictures on them like these, it makes the lady in the post office smile.


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  1. How absolutely wonderful and delightful!
    What a gift your care, creativity and talent are.
    Smiles from me…

  2. These are so pretty. I’d like to get some mail from you! In college, and still once in a while today, my dad would send me cards with little drawings in them or on the envelopes that I’ve always saved.

  3. these are simply and complexly wonderful. what a treat you give everyone who touches or sees these. I’ll be there are a number of unopened packages out there. thank you

  4. I received mine in the mail two days ago, I was so excited, I took photos of it all before I unwrapped it.
    Thank you again!
    Katie, Geelong

  5. i absolutely adore this! i attempted to do something similar and watched as the clerk at the post office cut off each bit of twine i had tied to the packages i was sending. i wonder if that’s just a california law. i wouldn’t be surprised. 😉 these are beautiful! what a delight to receive such personal and gorgeous packages.

  6. hi…that is the coolest idea i have seen in a long time. wish i knew you so that i could get a letter from you..hee hee

  7. Oh no Jo, that must have been heartbreaking! I hope that doesn’t happen to me. So far the people in my local post office love the packages, they always get excited when I come in and want to look through the latest. But who knows what happens to them once I send them out into the big, wide world.

  8. Aw, thanks so much Jess. If you are interested, I’m sending a mail package (with a free book) out to everyone who subscribes to my blog at the moment. Just head to my blog and then go Contact > Subscribe for more details.

  9. I tried this for a penpal of mine and the letter got rejected at the post office :( It made me really sad because I put so much work into it, they ripped it right off because apparently the letter would be torn into a million pieces in their sorting machine otherwise.

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