Dec 13, 2012

by English Muse

December is many things for me.  For most of my twenty-four years of life, it has meant a break from school.  It means an excuse to buy those little things that remind me of the people I love and an excuse to visit the bookstore an extra time or two on the pretense of purchasing gifts for others.  And every year, when I finish classes, it means I take a little trip to my favorite bookstore and pick out something fun to read.

It’s a little out of my way, so I don’t get there too often and each visit is special.  I don’t care much for driving and especially don’t care for driving in traffic; thus, winding my way through the Highlands and up Frankfort Avenue is a little bit of an adventure in testing my nerves.  Thank goodness I don’t live in a bigger city.  When I arrive and park just down the street, I always breathe a little sigh of relief and feel a slightly childish grin creep across my face: I’m here, and I’m not leaving without a new (used) book!

As soon as I enter, I tend to forget exactly which book I am looking for and get distracted by the shelves of fiction and poetry and everything else.  On my visit last week, after I had gone to my very last class of the semester, I picked up at least ten or so books before I spotted The Tiger’s Wife on a shelf and remembered that I put it on my to-read list a year ago.  I had just enough cash on hand for one title, so with a sigh of resignation, I only bought that one book.  Thankfully, it’s been quite a good one.

Do you have any favorite places to find books?  And do you also get lost in the shelves?


Until next Thursday, now that I have time to write again…


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3 Responses to “Tradition”

  1. Karolin says:

    For favourite bookstores I choose Shakespeare and companys bookstore in Paris But since I can’t go there very often I tend to visit thrift stores for “new” books.

  2. Karen says:

    I love bookstores. They’re my favourite places. Most of my friends just shop online for books but I love browsing and getting lost in the different sections.
    There’s this independent bookstore in my hometown of Ostend and I just love going there. The selection is great and they always have great advice.

  3. Cheryl J says:

    I get most of my books online because they’re so much cheaper but I like to get older books at secondhand bookshops.

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