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It’s Hannah B. once again from Secrets of a Belle. Tina was nice enough to invite me back to share with y’all on Monday afternoons! (Isn’t she the sweetest?) So today, I thought I’d take a little survey. When I was little, I adored magazines. I hoarded Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion, Domino, and Blueprint issues like they were found treasures. And in the world of iPads, I find magazines–actual paper-magazines–even more comforting than I used to. So I’m wondering what  mags can be found on your “must subscribe” list? Here are a few of my current favorites & a new found delight…

The Classic: Southern Living, The Newbie: The Local Palate, Best Writing & my Favorite: Garden & Gun

Southern Living  |  The Local Palate  |  Garden & Gun

I may also have a bit of a regional fidelity. Which is why I’d really love to hear what you subscribe to. Help me break out of my box!

Hannah B. lives in East Tennessee where she writes Secrets of a Belle, a blog about the art of living a more beautiful life. You can follow Hannah B. on twitter at @HB_Belle and on Facebook. 

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3 Responses to “What *Magazines* Are You Reading?”

  1. Whole Living, which used to be called Body and Soul was my absolute favorite subscription, it was one great lifestyle based publication. However I recently found it the January/Feb issue was their last and I’m extremely saddened to hear this news. Other favorites include Matchbook Magazine (digital magazine) as well as Town and Country and Anthology Magazine which can be purchased at West Elms and Anthropology. I also love Yoga Journal!!

  2. tara dillard says:

    Decades of Southern Living. Quit 2 years ago. No more. Now, Garden & Gun but where are the gardens the past 2 issues????? xo t

  3. ERIKA says:

    Architectural Digest, Victoria,Forbes,Country,Coastal living,Honolulu, Oprah,Better Homes and Garden, Latina,Hawaii, Prevention and a couple of others. Uh am I addicted to mags a well sometime more then others but a some of these subsribtions Ive gotten for free though blogs. 😉

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