flea markets

I’m a predictable flea market shopper. I always end up on a treasure hunt for things I can bring home without much ado…
…Like postcards…
postcards polaroid
….Old matchbooks…
…Fifty-year-old bottles of “My Sin” and pink nylon slips…
perfume bottles
You know, the stuff that’s easy to carry to the car in 105 degree heat.
But someday I’m going to make a grand show of it: I’ll drive up to the flea market at 6 am in a
U-Haul truck with two brawny guys. We’ll cart off all those things I really wanted to buy but didn’t because they wouldn’t fit into the back of my old Mercedes station wagon. (And I didn’t have room in the house anyway. ) … Someday…
Happy Weekend everyone. It’s the third Sunday of the month, which means Long Beach and then coffee at Chuck’s! See you Monday!

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These photos are from the awesome lifestyle photographer Roland Bello:

For me, this is the ultimate weekend fantasy…

A charming flea market in a little mountain town…

With a delicious lunch of garden veggies and berrys…

And amazing deals on books, and jewelry and colorful vintage gadgets.


I hope your weekend is blissful!

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flea maket

It’s become one of my favorite Mother’s Day traditions…

flea market

After brunch, I get to slip away to the flea market…

flea market

I usually bring about $50 and a couple rolls of film…

flea market

…to buy and take pictures of whatever I want…

flea market

Here are some of the things I spotted today at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. (My favorite is the pink petticoat hanging from a tree!)

I ended up buying two vintage summer dress (originally from the old Bullocks store on Wilshire Blvd.) One of them is leopard print and very 1960s! I have more photos! Will post them on flickr later.

Hope you had a lovely day!


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