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Art is Everywhere

Jun 25, 2012

Hello, English Muse readers! It’s Hannah B. from Secrets of a Belle again, and today I think Lelanie and I must be on the same wavelength! I, too, have had art on the brain lately. I have always been a firm believer that art is everywhere–in the shapes of leaves, in the color of the sky, there are beautiful things to observe all around us. Well, this weekend, I took an impromptu trip to New York to see Husband and I noticed that I was surrounded by the formal practice of art everywhere I looked: the airport, Central Park &, of course, on our Sunday trip to the Guggenheim. Perhaps summer inspires people to create. Or perhaps  I’m just opening my eyes to take advantage of some of the lovely opportunities to observe art that I never have before.

What do you think? Have you seen any amazing art lately? Have you been to any fabulous exhibits you think the rest of the English Muse readers would enjoy? Share below!

Until next week~ xo* Hannah B.

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