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May 18, 2012

I first heard of CocoRosie in relation to Antony Hegarty. Sierra and Bianca Casady, two sisters separated in their childhood, reunited after many years in Paris, formed the band in 2003.  Growing up separately it is uncanny that they both were musical and developed and cultivated their talents singing and composing. Their first album  La Maison de Mon Rêve  (2004) consists of strange, yet not entirely cacophonous sounds: their voices, instruments, sounds everyday objects and toys make. Second album Noah’s Ark (2005) involved cooperation with Hegarty, followed by The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn (2007) and Grey Oceans (2010).

CocoRosie will perform in Berlin (July 8 & July 9) and in Wroclaw, and I’m planning to attend one of these concerts.

Have you heard of them? What is your favorite song? Their music resists labels but is often dubbed freak folk. The word “freak” makes me want to make a list of synonyms — weird, bizarre, freakish, curious, eccentric, funky, outlandish, peculiar, strange, anomalous, deviant, exceptional, extraordinary, irregular, off, uncommon, unexpected, unorthodox, unusual, queer, singular…I could go on and on.

Let your ears (& eyes) be surprized! Smiles, Marta.

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