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Yesterday I went to see my favorite band play live. I’ve been a fan since 1996 and ever since I heard “Better man.” It was love at first sound! First time I went to see them, in 2006, I promised myself to become their official fan and to purchase a membership , so that I could get the tickets closest to the stage, reserved for Ten Club members only. I sat far away and was envious of the people swaying right in front of the stage. They had priority while entering the venue, too. Next time Pearl Jam played in Berlin, I forgot to subscribe to the membership, plus no one wanted to go with me. I promised myself to fix that next time they would perform. In May this year this year a friend of mine and myself we spontaneously decided to go to one of the two gigs Pearl Jam were to play in Berlin, provided we could get tickets. We got tickets. Very, very far away from the stage, but oh well. Yesterday’s gig was wonderful. They played most of my favorite songs (e.g. Oceans, Just Breathe, Yellow Ledbetter, Elderly Woman, Nothingman, Baba O’Riley, Not For You, Better Man) and I was just so thrilled and lucky to be in one very big room with Pearl Jam that I forgot to promise myself to get that membership before they come to play here again. Oh well.

Any PJ fans reading English Muse? Sure hope so…

Happy Friday & Smiles, Marta.


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Hello English Muse readers! Karen from A Simple Cup of Tea once again. This week I wanted to talk about the summer solstice and how summer is finally here. Belgian weather however decided to sabotage me so instead I wanted to share with you a playlist full of music that makes me long for summer.

Ready. Set. Summer. from simplecupoftea on 8tracks.

You can be sure that these songs will be blasted on my trip to Rotterdam with the bestie (only three more weeks!!!).

What’s your favourite summer music?

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This post is dedicated to my dear friend Daria 🙂

Hello Everyone! I went to see her concert three days ago here in Wroclaw, my hometown. In preparation for the concert, I listened to some of her songs and was amazed how many really good songs she has recorded. Initially, I thought I was familiar with “Twist in My Sobriety” only, but I was wrong! I must have heard

“And I think of you”

“Little Sister Leaving Town”

“Cathedral Song”

“Good Tradition”

“Happy Taxi”

“Wonderful Shadow”

“If I Ever”

“Light Up My World”

before, because they felt very close to my heart when I listened to them these past couple of days, on a loop, I hasten to add.

I re-discovered her music this year and am grateful. Do you have similar experiences? Artists from way back you are only now beginning to appreciate?

Happy Friday Everyone, even if these songs are a tad melancholic.

Smiles, Marta.

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My Husband is, my dad was, but, sadly, I got my mother’s genes. I’m pretty sure we could both sleep until 10 every day and be perfectly content. However, since Husband has been in NYC,  I’ve found myself waking up from a not-so-restful sleep at 5am each day. If I were a normal person, I’m sure I would go ahead and get up, but naturally my stubborn self lays there determined to recapture the slumber I feel I deserve. Perhaps if I had some cuter motivation in our bedroom getting out of bed each morning would be a bit easier…


{ Kate Spade  /  Jonathan Adler  /  CB2 }

A sure way to wake up when nothing else works? A little sing-along…

What about you? Are you a morning person? Do you have any tips for those of us that are not?

Until next week, loves!
xo* ~ Hannah B. 

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Holly Golightly!!!

Jun 04, 2012

Hello dear English Muse readers, this is Gulfem from All Happy Things Around again!

I have a kind of “usually open radar” when it comes to music and discovering new bands, singers. Bookstores and restaurants are perfect places for me to add new names to my playlist. Whenever I read a good piece of music, I ask the name of the band to closest staff member, immediately. Thank God, it always worked out so far, I discovered many of my favourite bands/singers in that way!

My such latest discovery is Holly Golightly. I was already in a peaceful environment, my favourite bookstore in Istanbul, hearing Holly Golightly for the first time just doubled it. Also, when extremely helpful staff members told me the name of the singer, I just laughed.

Holly Golightly: One of the best women characters ever depicted, thanks to brilliant Truman Capote!

I love the song, There’s An End, check below! I hope you will like it as well!

Ah, and I am open to singer/band suggestions all the time!

Have a great week!

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The Mountains

May 07, 2012

Hello, English Muse readers! This is Hannah B. once again from Secrets of a Belle. With warm weather in full swing here in the South, I thought I’d share a little piece of what I love about living where I do: the mountains! There is nothing better this time of year than taking an afternoon, driving up in the mountains a little bit and sticking your feet in a river. I thought I’d share 2 things in particular that have been in the back of my mind. The first is one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson and the second is a song that people always seemed to be singing around the house when I was growing up (sung here by Laurel & Hardy!).

{Just a little background: the song is about a book that was written where my dad grew up called The Trail of the Lonesome Pine and is actually an outdoor drama there every summer.}

There’s something reassuring about knowing that you are just a small piece in the huge play of creation, that the mountains have been here for years before you and will remain for years after, and that, in today’s age of constant engagement and white noise, there’s still places you can go to get quiet and feel overwhelmed by the nature around you. Do you have places like that where you live?

Until next week, find me on Twitter!
xo~ Hannah B. 

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Bon Iver

Apr 20, 2012

Bon jour!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, I hope–this week’s been crazy-busy and I am looking forward to the weekend. My plans? Good books, good music, cooking and going to book readings. What are your plans for the weekend?

Two weeks ago I discovered this song and am playing it on a loop ever since. Never heard of Bon Iver before that and I just learned the band, in various lineups, has been around since 2007!

Bonne écoute + Smiles, Marta.

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The Swell Season

Apr 13, 2012

Dear English Muse Readers,

I’m Marta from academianfiction. In addition, I guest blog every now and then here: it is a lovely blog about life, books and culinary arts (in Polish though), and I contribute with insights on books, bookstores, libraries, and writers. I have been reading English Muse for several months now and would often fantasize about guest blogging. And here I am. Every Friday at 8 a.m., or 5 p.m. my time as I am currently based in my lovely hometown Wrocław, in the south-western part of Poland.

And Wrocław is where I saw The Swell Season play live. Remember the 2006 indie movie Once, a story of a busker and a Czech immigrant in Dublin? I watched it in 2009 and it was love at first sight and sound! The soundtrack is a masterpiece and the song “Falling slowly” makes me go weak in the knees!

I was thrilled to learn they formed a band called The Swell Season and released two more albums. I adore every song of theirs and have watched the movie countless times. Every person that means something to me has to watch that movie. Once I learned they were going to perform in my hometown I had my brother buy the best tickets available and counted the days till the gig. The concert gave me chills so intense, I was visibly shaking. I took a few snapshots, while I still could.

Glen Hansard (from the Irish band “The Frames”) and Markéta Irglová became a couple in real life. A documentary The Swell Season depicting their world tour and private lives was made and premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival. They broke up and the band split up as well. Irglová moved to NYC and has recently released a solo album entitled Anar, while Hansard’s album will be out in June.

What about you, dear Reader? Have you ever known/experienced a tale this magical? Ever been to a concert that had you swooning in ecstasy like St. Teresa of Avila? Do share.

Smiles, Marta.

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