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Confession: I have always had a love affair with old radio shows. When I was little, my mom would buy tapes of Burns & Allen for me at Cracker Barrel for long road trips, and I would listen to them so much that I would literally wear them out. It was always so much more satisfying for me to imagine the action in my head and the simple story lines from ‘back in the day’ were exactly what I imagined grown-up life to be. Now, when I work, I can usually be found listening to Jack Benny, Granby’s Green Acres, Fibber McGee & Molly or… Garrison Keillor. Keillor is the newest infatuation, but I have fallen fast and hard, friends.

I love the way A Prairie Home Companion preserves the old broadcast style. It brings together talented people with good stories and good music, but there is something about the host’s delivery that I just can’t get past. I’m pretty sure that man could read my grocery list, and I would suddenly find myself longing to drink lemonade on the front porch and listen to mountain music. It doesn’t matter that his stories are of his beloved Minnesota, he somehow manages to channel every small town in America. But why sit here and write about it? Why not share a few examples and let you see for yourself? So here you are:

If you need a little mini-vacate from your cubicle like me or you are sitting somewhere having a bad day, take 15 minutes and listen to The News from Lake Wobegon.

If you want to feel inspired by the way this writer looks at the world, take an evening and watch this documentary: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes. (It’s on Netflix!)

If you want to start your morning remembering why you love books, subscribe to this podcast… or tune into your local NPR station at 11:50am.

If you want to know a little more about the way Keillor looks at the world, read his answers to Time’s 10 Questions.

And if you don’t understand the appeal of Garrison Keillor, I would encourage you to read this 2006 article on Slate. It just made me laugh. Perhaps his appeal is every bit as mysterious as the author claims. Perhaps he’s not for everyone, but I just can’t help myself– I love him.

What about you? What do you nerd out on?



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