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Candy stripe walls

Oct 08, 2012

Morning guys. Welcome to a new Monday. How was your weekend? What did you get up to? I spent my Sunday painting a striped wall- it was quite a technical challenge, but also a lot of fun and very rewarding. Stripes are such a great way to add a statement to a room and they are also handy for ‘fixing’ problematic proportions in a space.

Horizontal stripes draws the eye across, making a space seem wider. This is great for small or narrow spaces, like powder rooms. Use these with caution in a large room, as it can make the space seem cavernous. A horizontal stripe in a lighter colours, is also a good way of ‘dividing’ an open-plan area, like this beautiful dining room/kitchen.

I have always loved vertical stripes. They make any ceiling seem higher giving the room a spacious feel, as well as visually bringing the wall forward, making the room feel cosy. Simultaneously, they can make a space seem large and cosy. They are ideal for enhancing a tall ceiling or faking it with a low one.

These stripes make a bold statement when used in hight contrast colours. Bright pops of colour look lovely against a monochromatic scheme. A more subdued palette,will give you a classical calm feel.

Something like this light taupe, would look great in a bedroom or a library. This is my attempt at a striped wall. I still need to a do a few touch ups. But I am pretty happy with the end result.

Have you used stripes in your home? Would you?

Have a lovely Monday.


of Beauty and Love

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